The TORCH/WALC for Orthopedic Surgery

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Ghana, like many developing countries, desperately needs a lasting medical presence that will address health problems for the long haul.  The TORCH/WALC Orthopedic Center will be that presence in Ghana.  Click here to watch a short video about the TORCH/WALC Orthopedic Center.   Since its independent in 1957, Ghana has struggled with poverty and outdated beliefs regarding illness which keep […]

Executive Director

Dr. Marotta at GACD

   Congressman Tonko with Dr. Marotta at a recent fund raising event for West Africa   March 2015 Last week representatives of Medicus Christi including myself, Board Member John Walsh and Mr. Martin Torrey sat down with U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko and his Economic Development Liaison Marilyn Smith at the Congressman’s office in Albany. The purpose […]



THE BIRTH OF MC EUROPA On my recent trip to Rome I met with Dr. Ettore Valente and the wonderful people of Europe that are interested in creating our first overseas chapter-Medicus Christi Europa. Doctors, businesspeople, lawyers and government officials as well as college students and other concerned citizens are energized to join us in […]

Who Is Medicus Christi?

Joe_Marotta_OR_3Several years ago, Dr. Joseph Marotta, an orthopedic surgeon from upstate New York became inspired to share his knowledge and skills with the needy peoples of Africa. With the help and guidance of his local pastor and the support of Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana now at the Vatican, the idea that would become Medicus Christi (MC) was born.  Learn More



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